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Water Treatment Chemical

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What is Water Treatment Chemical

Chemical water treatment is a chemical liquid used to clean and prevent scale and corrosion in pipelines, boiler pipes, cooling tower pipes or chiller systems, and swimming pools by using certain types of chemicals.

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Stages of Chemical Water Treatment

Chemical water treatment is a method used to treat water from polluted raw water (influent) and prevent scale and corrosion in order to obtain standard effluent quality that is desired/determined or ready for consumption.

Chemical water treatment is basically divided into several stages, namely:

1. Filtration and Precipitation

Filtering and settling aims to separate raw water from substances, such as: garbage, leaves, grass, sand and others based on the specific gravity of the substance.

2. Coagulation

Coagulation is the process of mixing chemicals into the water so that the dirt in the water reaches the pipes so that resuspended solids such as organic dyes, fine mud, bacteria and others can agglomerate, and settle quickly so they are easy to clean.

3. Flocculation

Flocculation is a process of floc formation due to the combination of colloids in raw water (river water) with coagulant. The formation of floc will occur well if the coagulant is added to the raw water (river water) then slow stirring is done.

4. Sedimentation

After the coagulation and flocculation processes, the water that has been mixed with the Chemical water treatment is left to stand until the lumps of dirt that occur settle. After the dirt settles, the water will look clearer than before.

5. Filtration

In the deposition process that has been carried out, not all lumps of dirt can be deposited evenly. The large and heavy lumps of dirt will settle, while the small and light ones will still float in the water.

To get really clear water free from impurities that have been cleaned through a filtering process. Filtering is done by flowing water that has been deposited with impurities into a filter tank consisting of a silica sand filter or using membrane technology.

6. Disinfection

Provision of disinfectant (chlorine gas) in filtered water aims to reduce the concentration of bacteria in general and eliminate pathogenic bacteria (disease-causing bacteria).