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Buy cheap price water chiller for Daikin brands, Carrier, Bitzer and others   for water cooling for AHU (Air Handling Unit) in central air conditioning systems and in industrial activities, buy now cheap price water coolers from suppliers, distributors, the cheapest and most complete in Indonesia. Water cooling machines in this industry serve to reduce the temperature of heat in water or oil for processing food, beverages and in various other large industries. Get various types of chillers for all your industrial needs directly from all chiller sellers from all over Indonesia in Indotrading. All the chiller prices you can get with the cheapest price you want for various needs for your industrial management or for your office company. Various types of chillers in Indotrading are the best choice products from all manufacturers and manufacturers of refrigeration machines.

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Price Range of the Latest Water Chiller from Supplier in Indotrading

To find the prices of various industrial chillers, you don't need to be confused about finding prices by calling one by one supplier of chiller companies for this industry, because only in Indotrading you can easily find various price offers from various chiller sellers, producers and manufacturers from all over Indonesia and imported products from abroad simply submit a request to buy a chiller in Indotrading.com you can find the cheapest to the most expensive price list that has the best quality among other choices. Here are some approximate chiller price lists for industries that you can find in Indotrading.

Product Name Price
Air Cooled Chiller / Water Chiller IDR 5,000,000
Water Chiller Hakai Rp 100,000,000

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Find all manufacturers / manufacturers who make and sell coolers for industries from all over Indonesia for all your business needs. There are hundreds to thousands of products from brands of chiller machines in Indotrading. You can find all product lists by brand easily by searching for them based on the water chiller category based on the brand. And not only that, you can also get the location of the seller / producer of the chiller from all over Indonesia which is the same as how to select all categories of companies or products from reputable companies in Indonesia who are official suppliers of brands of chillers for industries in Indonesia.

Daikin Chiller is one type of chiller machine with the Daikin brand which functions for water cooling in the central ac system for processing food, beverages and chemicals in the industry.
Carrier Chiller is one of the industrial chiller machines with the Carrier brand which is also widely used by industry to help the process of cooling the air system for multi-storey buildings.
Bitzer Chiller one type of chiller with a well-known brand, Bitzer, which is widely used by processing industry machines in all fields that are already well known.

Water Chiller function in Air Conditioning and Building systems

As in the review of the function of the water chiller above, this cooling machine is indeed one of the devices that serves to cool water to be supplied to the AHU system (Air Handling Unit) or generally known as a central cooling device that is often used in air conditioning or air management systems in high-rise buildings such as large malls that require continuous air supply to conserve the use of air conditioners such as air conditioners and the like.

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