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Warning Barrier

Warning Barrier

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Types of Warning Barriers Most Found in Indonesia

In general, this product is a type of police and military equipment used for barriers and insulation for security and security purposes. However, along with the times, warning barriers have changed a lot of functions for other needs such as traffic control, demo barrier, sterile area insulation and so on. Here we present several types of warning barriers that are often found in Indonesia.

1. Ribbon Barrier

This product is a barrier product in the form of duct tape with yellow and black colors. This barrier tape is widely used by the police in limiting the area to protect evidence so that it is not lost or damaged because many people come.

2. Road Barrier

This one road barrier and security is often found on various highways and alternative roads. Road barriers are used to divert traffic flow. This product can also be applied as a parking barrier to provide information on which areas can be passed and which cannot be passed like road markings in general.

3. Barrier Gate

It is a security device designed in the form of a door or gate. This product minimizes the existence of various forms of crime by using sharp weapons.