Voltage Relays

Voltage Relays

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Voltage Relay is an electrical component with a function similar to a switch or electromagnetic switch that is useful for delivering a small-voltage electric current to a higher-voltage electric current. Therefore, this Voltage Relay has an important role because it can protect your electronic devices from the problem of a short circuit between components, so this electrical component switch must be paired in your favorite electronic device.

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Complete Function of Voltage Relay

Indeed, many lay people still do not really understand the function of the electronic component switch on this one. Because, this tool may only be familiar with people who work in the electrical engineering field. So if you need detailed information related to the function of this electrical component switch, here are some more detailed information as follows:

1. Protect Electronic Devices From Potential Damages    

One of the factors that cause damage from your electronic device is the short circuit between components to excess voltage so that it is very necessary for a device that can prevent these things. Therefore, it is recommended that you can use a voltage relay on an electronic device to avoid a short circuit.

2. Prices are relatively affordable    

For the price of this Relay Voltage is relatively affordable so you can buy to protect your electronic equipment. However, some people do assume that these electrical components are so cheap and easily damaged. But the fact is, not all tools that are sold at cheap prices, have low quality power. You need to know more broadly how to use these tools so they are not easily damaged.

Info on Estimated Prices of Various Voltage Relay Brands in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimates


IDR 300,000

LXPRC / S-4W 230V (400V) Broyce Control Phase

IDR 1,000,000

Relay SEG BU1-AC-110V

IDR 4,000,000

BU1-AC-400V SEG Relay

IDR 4,000,000

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