Video Borescopes

Video Borescopes

Sell the best video borescope prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a boresope video at the latest price which is an inspection tool that uses a mini video camera on the end of a flexible tube. By inserting this mini video camera, the device can capture video or still images deep inside equipment, machines, and other dark spaces. As an indispensable tool for visual inspection, video borescopes come in a variety of types, specifications and models. Get quality video borescope products from reliable video borescope suppliers throughout Indonesia.

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What is Video Borescope?

Video Borescope is an inspection tool to explore hard-to-reach areas. Unlike the borescope, this type of video is an advanced type of borescope which is equipped with a mini-sized video camera. Images produced by lens capture are in the form of video.

Use of Video Borescope

Industrial video cameras are the ideal tools for inspection and maintenance for hard-to-reach machine areas and are often used to analyze certain physical situations. Thanks to the flexible cable and its lightweight cover, a highly agile industrial videocope camera can find problems and failures very easily and quickly, allowing precautions to be taken without the need to first dismantle the engine, or system.

Borescope Video Application

1. Videoscope is used by the quality control section of an industry including the pipefitter, electricity, construction, security, HVAC technicians, and other mechanical industries.
2. In addition to supporting industrial needs, this telescope camera can also be relied on to support school and university research facilities, especially in demonstrating internal systems or devices.

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