Vibratory Roller

Vibratory Roller

Vibratory Roller or Vibro Roller is a type of machine that is shaped like a tandem roller. The difference is that the roller can vibrate so that it is often used to grind, compress the embankment by vibrating so that the soil density produced is more perfect. The advantage of using this type of roller is the structure of the soil, sand and gravel will be more densely filled so that there are no cavities left because apart from being crushed, the road that is run over is also vibrated. This heavy equipment is often used by contractors usually in road construction and repair projects both for dirt roads and roads that will be used for hardening asphalt or concrete.

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Latest Vibro Roller Prices

Because of the frequent use of this vibration roller to help harden roads both for roads and certain areas of the project. So that makes the contractors or the public works department (Dinas PU) look for a variety of rollers that are fuel efficient as well as durable and easy to maintain. Now to find out what are the types, immediately search and find a variety of the most recent vibro price information from suppliers in Get the best deals directly from trusted sellers here. Find a few price references below for price comparisons and specifications:

Brand / Type Price
Vibro Tigon TG VR 450 Rp. 62,500,000
Vibro Tigon TG VR 600 Rp. 107,000,000
Everyday FURD FYL 880 D Rp. 160,000,000
AMMANN Walk-Behind Rp. 198,000,000
Changzhai Diesel Everyday Rp. 110,000,000

* Prices above are updated on. April 29, 2020

How to operate the Vibro Roller

Besides the function, of course, after you have got one of the units with certain specifications that suit your needs. There are important things that you must know before operating this soil compactor, namely how it works and operates:

1. Set the gas lever to the lowest position. This procedure is carried out to arrange that the engine path is not too tight when operated.

2. Then also make sure to adjust the fuel valve to ensure normal fuel flow when running the engine.

3. Then you can start the engine directly by like turning on the car's engine ie move the key position to ON and simultaneously pull the gas lever.

4. Also make sure, before use the engine must be heated in advance to ensure the engine is in good condition when it will be operated.

5. Be sure to always control the gas lever and steering wheel and other components or indicators when operating. As a radiator indicator, fuel and oil.

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