The V-Belt is a power transmission medium on a machine created from rubber and trapezoidal material that works using the driving friction force. V-Belt is used as a power transmission from one shaft to the other through a pulley that rotates because of certain resources, with the same or different rotational speeds depending on the ratio of the two pulleys. There are lots of V-Belt models and specifications, to get various types of V-belts that are the way you want, you can get them directly through suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading at the lowest price with quality best.

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V Belt Function in Cars

  • V-Belt was created as a component that works to continue the rotation of the pulley at the front of the engine towards the back of the pulley (wheel). In vehicles Pulley cars have certain functions such as the following:
  • Being one component that acts to transfer power from the engine crankshaft (crankshaft / crankshaft) to the drive shaft that requires several other components such as pulley AC, alternator pulley, pulley water pump and so on.
  • The power generator will then be sent to the component parts that require the drive. Also make sure there is no noise that interferes with the tire, if this happens then the pulley may not work properly.

3 Easy Tips for Caring for the V-Belt

  • Perform Periodic Service

Routine service is very necessary to maintain the V belt performance on your vehicle. Especially if you have traveled far reaching 10,000 KM.

  • Check Visually

Besides doing regular service, you also need to check visually on your V belt, and find out if the condition is still suitable for use or vice versa. Make sure if the condition is not cracked or thin, if before the duration of 6 months physical damage occurs, then replace the new one.

  • Perform Check with the Manual

No less important, checking the tightness of the V belt components also needs to be considered. Make sure if the conditions are not too tight or too loose. Adjust to the standard size specified.

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Rubber Belt (Ep/Nn)
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