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Simak! Penjelasan Tentang Cara Kerja UPS dan Rangkaiannya

Perangkat elektronik adalah benda yang sangat rentan mengalami kerusakan ketika arus listrik yang mengalir tidak stabil. Kerusakan semacam ini tentunya sangat menjengkelkan, terutama ketika wilayah Anda merupakan wilayah yang kerap terkena pemadaman ...

Arakawa Hingga ICA, Inilah 10 Rekomendasi Produk UPS Terbaik di Pasaran!

Seringnya pemadaman listrik secara mendadak pasti membuat Anda kesal. Terlebih lagi, ketika Anda sedang bekerja memakai komputer dan ada tenggat waktu yang harus diselesaikan.Selain mengganggu pekerjaan, pemadaman listrik juga dapat mempengaruhi pera...

5 Types of UPS Based on Technology

Before buying the best UPS device of your choice, you should also need to know in advance what the types are so that you will not choose the wrong specification and hopefully you will be able to maximize its use, the following types:

1. Standby UPS

This type is relatively cheap with a capacity of 2kVA and is suitable for personal needs.

2. UPS Line Interactive

UPS Line Interactive is a competitive price type, has a good voltage adjustment and is suitable for power below 5kVA.

3. UPS Double Conversion On-Line

UPS Double Conversion On-Line is a good type and can be connected in parallel with other computers or servers. But for the price is usually more expensive when compared with the type below.

4. Delta On-line UPS Conversion

Delta On-line UPS Conversion is the best type most suitable for use with a variety of computer devices and servers with a large amount and has the largest electrical power capacity. This type is often used for servers and computers with very high power.

Best UPS Recommendations

Before you determine which UPS option best suits what you need, here we submit several brands based on the specifications that might be suitable for you to choose as the best choice for you. After you have determined what type of UPS you want to buy based on the type, specifications or brand.

1. ICA CE-1200 (1200va-600watt)

2. ICA CN-650 (650va-325watt)

3. Prolink Pro1201SFC 1200va

4. Prolink Pro700SFC 650va

5. APC SMC3000i 3000va 2100watt

6. APC BX650 650va

How to Easily Install UPS to Computer

You don't need to do a technician to install a UPS device to your computer. Because it's very easy to do it yourself safely and very easily done, well here is an easy way you can do:

1. First, prepare the installation guide. And first check the capacity, for example a 650va UPS is enough for just one computer.

2. Second, make sure the type is offline or online, because if the offline type you have to check is also available AVR or not.

3. Third, install all power cables omputer to the UPS and vice versa plug the UPS power cable to the socket too. Then check the on / off button, the indicator and how long the backup process will take.

4. Finally, always make sure to check the installation between the computer, server and UPS periodically.

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Find reliable UPS suppliers from various cities throughout Indonesia such as Jakarta and Jambi.

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New Product UPS

Ups Cyber Power Ols6000ertxl3 U
Supplier : PT Eterna Mas Cipta Jayaindo
Price : Rp 27,665,000
Banten , Tangerang
Online Ups Prolink Pro803qs Master Ii Series (1P/1P) 3000Va
Supplier : PT Prolink Intidata Nusantara
Price : Rp 15,245,455
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Ups Ica Ct682b
Supplier : PT Mitra Andalan Systemindo
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Ups Cyberpower Value600elcd 600Va 360Watts
Supplier : PT Multipro Jaya Prima
Price : Rp 1,264,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Utara
Ups Pascal Pcl2000kh (2000Va/1800W)
Price : Call
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Ups Era Plus 750
Supplier : PT. Smart Business Indonesia
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan