Four Wheel Tractor

Four Wheel Tractor

This four-wheel tractor is a type of tractor that is larger than paddy tractor which has two wheels. But functionally, this four-wheeled tractor model is more not only used to cultivate land, plant and harvest agricultural products. But more than that, it can also be used for transportation to transport various agricultural products by connecting tractor cart behind him. This tractor is very suitable for you agricultural and plantation entrepreneurs who have large areas of agricultural land and plantations such as corn, rice, sugar cane, palm and others. In addition, if your company needs a 4-wheel tractor which is also called this tractor truck for the company's needs. You can directly submit a bid request directly to all suppliers via RFQ Indotrading or search by distributor nearest to your city.

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Besides you can get a 4-wheeled tractor model offer in Indotrading, you can also search for and find various competitive price offers from all suppliers in Indonesia. What are you waiting for let's find and find everything you need with a variety of tractor models. See also some of the latest price information from estimates that can change at any time, see the full below:

Brand / Type Estimated Price
A360 Quick Tractor Rp. 214,300,000
Yanmar EF494T Tractor Rp. 474,602,000
Yanmar EF393T Tractor Rp. 367,502,000

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