Boom Cranes

Boom Cranes

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Buy crane trucks or car cranes at low prices from XCMG, Liugong, Kato and others from importers, suppliers and distributors in Indonesia at the lowest prices. Buy crane trucks from the cheapest importers with a variety of different models and brands and specifications only in Indotrading. Buy now and get the maximum crane truck function to lift various types of heavy objects such as materials and other heavy objects. This crane car is often used to lift anything and anywhere because it can move like a car in general. Make requests to buy now from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading to get the cheapest types, models, brands and prices according to your needs.

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Buy Cheap Truck Crane from Importers, Suppliers and Distributors

Confused by the various types and models of crane cars on the market, do you want to find specifications that match what you want? You can just submit a purchase request from suppliers and importers who sell crane trucks in Indotrading. After submitting a purchase request, you will get sharing types of offers directly from all sellers in Indotrading according to what you need or submit through the submission you have sent. Of the various offers that you have received, of course it will be easier for you to get various types, models and brands as well as clear prices directly from the seller. So to buy a crane truck from Indotrading it will be easier and faster to compare the cheapest prices that match the one you are looking for with the best quality and competitive with other brands.

Brand of Crane Truck The Best Choice in Indotrading

Want to find the truck crane brand the best choice for you to use in a construction project or used for various other purposes? In you can quickly and easily search for and find all types of crane car offers that match the specifications you need. The way you submit in advance any brand or specification through the request menu that you can send directly to tens to hundreds of companies that sell construction tools or machines in Indotrading. To get the best truck crane brand in Indotrading, you can see a list of truck crane brands below:


Crane Xcmg trucks , manufactured by tool manufacturers heavy from China which produces one of the trusted crane trucks and other heavy equipment in the world.

Crane Liugong trucks , made by one heavy equipment manufacturers from China that produce a lot of construction machinery and heavy equipment, one of them is a mobile crane.
Crane Kato trucks, produced by the original manufacturer Japan, which is a manufacturer / manufacturer of heavy equipment that is also well-known in the world of construction and projects.

In addition, there are still many other types of mobile cranes with various brands with various types of specifications and various types of specifications for all your desired needs. Immediately submit an online purchase or purchase request directly from all construction equipment suppliers in Indotrading.

Crane Car Function

There are various types and models and various brands of crane cars that have various specifications. However, if viewed from the main function of the crane itself, it is actually the same, which is used to lift large and heavy objects in a particular project or in an emergency condition such as used to lift transportation equipment that is damaged by accident or stuck on the road. Get the best range of benefits and functions from all types of crane trucks that you buy directly from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.

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