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Hotel Trolley

Hotel Trolley

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Various trolley Hotel and functions

1. Luggage Trolley

Luggage Trolley is a trolley used type of hotel workers or bellhop to help carry goods hotel guests. Use of Luggage Trolley chosen because it can bring the goods in large numbers.

Trolleys of this type is a good choice to meet the needs of hotels, apartments, in the world of aviation and to support the work efficiency. Luggage Trolley is itself a kind of trolleys that are very easy to clean. Material from this trolley itself is stainless steel.

2. Room Attendant Trolley

Room attendant trolley is a kind of cart used by the room attendant to accommodate fixtures such as: linen, Cleaning Equipment, Cleaning Supplies, Guest supplies and ancillary equipment used to prepare the guest room as needed so that the setup process more effective and efficient rooms.

Room Attendant function of the trolley is to simplify room attendant in transporting equipment used to prepare the guest room.

There is also the function is as racks used to accommodate the guest supplies, bags used to contain garbage, and pockets that used to contain the dirty linen (Dirty Linen / Soil). Then rack used to hold linen clean (Cleaning Linen).

3. Stand Trolley Service

Table trolley cart or stand is a device used to deliver food to the customer or can also be used to pick up the dirty dishes. The advantage of using this trolley table is easier for the waiter to do his job, especially in the service for a portion of a lot. The trolley table is a type of trolley is widely used for the needs of the restaurant.

Trolley table is very useful to accelerate the performance of restaurant workers. This trolley table has a strong frame made of stainless steel and 5 large-sized tub made of plastic, so it is easy to be removed and cleaned.

4. Trolley Laundry / Trolley Linen

Laundry trolley or trolley Linen is needed to transport the fabric, bed linen, blankets or clothes dirty and clean laundry result from or toward the sink. for it takes the laundry or linen trolley trolley that is strong and durable.

Commonly used types of cloth linen trolley was good and strong. It will be able to withstand a load of laundry, friction and so forth.

It is also advisable to use a water-resistant fabrics for the needs of this trolley. It is also desirable to use water-resistant fabrics, considering the work area and the object being transported is closely connected with water.

5. Gueridon trolley

Gueridon trolley or cart type of side table is a kind of trolleys used to serve or prepare food in the dining room. Gueridon trolley may include a table on the small wheels that can be driven, made of quality wood and complemented by luxurious cookware with cutlery made of silver, or just a regular dining table.