Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile

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Tripod Turnstile is not a new product known in Indonesia or the world. This equipment is commonly found in developed countries. Now it is an obligation to use the system because it is effective as a filter to get people in and out of a place. Tripod Turnstile is a security tool that functions for limiting or separating tools. Both as access to and from outside visitors to a room, building and environment.

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Use of Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile functions as an access tool in a room or a place armed with certain systems. Supporting tools in the system such as tickets, coins and cards. Without one of these tools, automatically people cannot enter.

It functions more as a security system as well as visitor checking. So that they can select visitors who are stubborn, dark, and who are not entitled to access. Using this turnstile is very useful because visitor records are neater and more complete. Besides that, the income generated is more controlled, increases and overcomes certain fraud. You can save more money after using this tool because it reduces security workers.

Its advantages directly make the culture queue and more orderly. For entertainment venues and office buildings, its use is like showing prestige.

Tripod Turnstile Specifications

The tripod turnstile can be inputted by a Visitor Management System or VMS system. This system is a combination of sophisticated OCR barcode scanner and webcam. This system is also capable of managing guest data so that visitor management becomes organized. Shorter data collection time guest. 

Because, using the Fingerprint Scanner, Access Control, Passport Scanner, and ID Card Scanner. Integrated with electronic machines and processor control. There is also a turnstile using the bar code method, RFID, and ESD test access.

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