Hand Tractor

Hand Tractor

Buy a two-wheeled tractor / paddy tractor / cheap hand tractor to cultivate paddy land before planting rice seeds, vegetables and various types of rice fields with the best selection of brands from suppliers, factories, dealers, shops and closest distributors from all over Indonesia. Tractor or plow machine is one type of machine used to plow rice fields and fields both wet and dry so that previously dense land can return to friable and fertile to be planted with various rice fields such as rice, crops or polowijo which are usually planted in wet or dry rice fields. In addition to plowing the fields and fields, this machine also functions to transport agricultural products by means of tractor carts . This plow machine is also used as an engine driving irrigation pumps for rice fields, fields and plantations as well as other needs that can be modified with agricultural equipment .

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Cheap 2 Wheel Tractor Prices from Distributors, Suppliers in Indonesia

If you want to find and buy various types of hand tractor or fuel-efficient and durable two-wheel tractor from the best brands in Indonesia that are used for agricultural land such as fields, fields and plantations to cultivate land before planting. You can easily easily search and find various choices of types, models and specifications that suit the needs you want. To find the type that you need, you can directly submit a procurement request or request a bid for a plow machine directly from all the plow seller companies from all over Indonesia that have Indotrading.com. In addition, you can also see some price references such as the price list below to help compare specifications, brands and their advantages and disadvantages.

Type of 2 Wheel Tractor Type Estimated Price
Quick G1000 Boxer X RD 85 IN 2S / V-78 / STD / 35 Rp. 25,790,000
Quick ZENA Rotary STD X RD 110 DI-2T Rp. 36,770,000
Quick M1000 X RD 85 IN -2 S / STD / 35 Rp. 27,490,000
Yanmar Rotary YST DX Rp. 38,710,000
Yanmar YST PRO Rp. 23,361,800

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