Electrical Transformer

Electrical Transformer

Selling the best price Electric Transformers from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Electric Transformers at the latest prices, which are static electronic devices that function to transfer electricity from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction. The main function of the transformer is to increase and decrease the electrical voltage between several series. In the transformer circuit consists of primary windings and secondary windings that function to convert primary side electrical energy into electric current on the secondary side with different voltages.

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Types of Electric Transformers

1. Step Up Transformer Consists of the number of secondary winding more than the primary winding used to increase the voltage.

2. Step Down Transformer
Consists of fewer secondary turns than primary litian and serves to reduce stress.

3. AutoTransformator Transformer
Is a transformer that functions to change the primary and secondary winding.

4. Isolation Transformer Is a transformer that has the same number of secondary and primary windings and the voltage is the same.

5. Credit Transformer
Is a type of transformer that functions to produce waves or pulses of pulses and magnetic flux.

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