Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformer

Sell the best price distribution transformer from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy distribution transformers at the latest prices, which are electronic components that serve to provide electrical energy from power plants for housing and industrial locations. Distribution transformers work by converting high voltage to normal voltage around 240/120 V for use in home or industrial power distribution. In distribution, there are various types of transformers available on the market that are categorized according to the type of insulation, the number of phases, the voltage level, even the location of its application. For those of you who need distribution transformers, immediately make requests through the RFQ Feature for suppliers of distribution transformers throughout Indonesia!

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How the Distribution Transformer Works

To reduce the voltage, an electric current is flowed through a distribution transformer to reduce the level of high distribution to the level of end use that is suitable for consumption by housing and industry. Almost all energy is passed by more than one distribution transformer before it is consumed by various tools, motors, or other equipment used by end users. Not surprisingly, commercial transformers can be found easily in all sectors, such as industry, commercial, and industry.

Types of Distribution Transformers

General distribution transformers are categorized into several types:

  1. Type of insulation: there is a liquid distribution transformer or dry type.
  2. Number of phases: single phase or three phases
  3. Voltage level (for dry type): Low or moderate distribution transformer
  4. Location: Pole transformer, underground transformer, and concrete bearing transformer.

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