Traffic Cone

Traffic Cone

Selling Traffic Cone / Road Traffic Cones Cheap Prices

Buy traffic cones or road cones at cheap prices, complete size, buy directly from the most complete and largest distributor of road safety suppliers in Indonesia. In accordance with its function, traffic cones or traffic cones are one of the tools that are often used on the streets and are also commonly used in parking areas both cars and motorcycles. The function of this traffic cone is to regulate and direct traffic either on the highway or in the parking area for a barrier, a marker between the road that can be passed by vehicles and the area of ​​the road that should not be passed by vehicles. Traffic cones are usually orange because they are meant to be easily seen by pengedara. The material used for making traffic cones is generally of plastic and cone-shaped. What are you waiting for immediately submit requests to buy directly from all suppliers, distributors and importers in Indonesia with the lowest prices in Indonesia.


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The Cheapest and Latest Traffic Cone Prices in Indonesia

Confused by the choice of various road cone prices, confused about finding the cheapest prices at competitive prices for you to buy? Come on, you can directly submit your purchase request directly through suppliers and distributors in

Product Name Estimated Price
Cool Monkey 50 Cm Road Cone Rp. 75,000
Cool Monkey 75 Cm Traffic Cone Rp. 80,000
Anti-Breaking Safety Cone Rp. 114,000
90 cm Road Conical Cone Rp. 270,000
Traffic Cone Krisbow with Reflective 45cm Rp. 229,000
GOSAVE Black Base Multi Color 75cm Road Cone Rp. 119,000
Be Safe Traffic Cone 90cm Rp. 289,000
Traffic Cone Base Black 75 Cm Double Scotlight Rp. 95,000
Dusafe Traffic Cone Rubber Base Orange 90cm Rp. 299,000
Dusafe Traffic Cone 70cm Rp. 129,000
Safety Cone Trusco TCCB Blue Rp. 149,000

Buy Traffic Cone Types and Sizes from Suppliers and Distributors

For the purchase of road cones generally available in various types and sizes, before you buy make sure in advance what size the amount you want to buy and what criteria you want to buy. For example, the type of road cone that uses rubber / plastic materials and colors such as orange or blue and various other colors that you are looking for you can order directly from all the sellers in All items that you want to buy generally have a price range from the lowest price to the more expensive price with the best quality.

Traffic Cone Functions in Accordance with Use

Road cones or also commonly called traffic cones / traffic cones have the main function of which is as a road divider. The road divider referred to according to its placement, for example, this road cone is installed in the middle of the road body, which means it functions to limit between the users of the left lane and the right lane, and generally to be fitted snugly in the middle of the road markings. If a road cone is installed in a parking lot, it is used to separate the parking area from the entrance or exit or it can also be used to separate car and motorcycle vehicles at the same location. Other functions may vary due to placement and usage.

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