Vitrage Curtain

Vitrage Curtain

Function and Type Curtain

Curtain is a piece of fabric or textiles used to block out the light. Often hung on the inside of a building drapes to block the entry of light, for example at night to help you sleep, or to keep the light out of the building (to prevent people outside can see inside, often for privacy reasons). Decorative curtain can beautify the interior of the house. The form is biodegradable and can dynamically turn on the room. Well when passed or when the wind, swaying strands of material can attract attention and create the atmosphere of the room so it was not boring. There is no specific function in this dekoraif curtain aside sweeteners space. Even if they work as a barrier to sunlight or the view, the function will not be as comfortable as a regular curtain. The sun's rays will still penetrate partly translucent and the view will still be sketchy.

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