Floor Scales

Floor Scales

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Floor Scales Specifications

Floor scales are available in different capacities, models and prices. However, in terms of size, this type of scale has a much larger size compared to other types of scales. Floor scales have a size of 1x1 meters up to 5x10 meters. Well, this type of floor scale is commonly used to weigh loads above an average of 1000 kg (1 ton).

How to Work Floor Scales

Floor scales work by utilizing a load cell sensor to be able to read objects when placed on a scale.

How to choose Floor Scales

1. Determine the capacity
The first step to choosing the right floor scales is to measure the capacity of the scales against the load to be placed. If your need for a large load capacity, then also choose a large-capacity floor scales.
2. Setting and calibration
Be sure to choose a floor scale that is set and calibrated with a standard stone so that the weighing results are more accurate and avoid a variety of losses.
3. Welding quality
Choose the product scale that has gone through the welding process at the bottom of the platform. Welded scales, usually have a pretty good resistance.
4. Neat installation
Make sure all cables and load cell sensors are installed neatly. This is done so that measurement errors can be minimized.

New Product Floor Scales

Floor Scale Cas Ukuran 1 X 1 M
Supplier : PT. Reka Gempita Mandiri
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 123
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Timur
Timbangan Lantai Digital Excellent
Supplier : CV. Mulya Scale
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
Timbangan Lantai Gsc (Heavy Duty Industri)
Supplier : CV. Karunia Timbangan
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Call
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Timbangan Portable Ultra Slimline Weighpad
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Timbangan Lantai Waterproof
Supplier : CV Darra Buana Perkasa
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Rp 18,700,000
Banten , Kab. Tangerang
Timbangan Lantai Gsc Sgw-7000Rs
Supplier : PT. Multi Kreasi Lestarindo
Status Pajak: Non PKP
Price : Call
Sumatera Utara , Medan