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Hanging Scales

Hanging Scales

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Types of Hanging Scales

Hanging scales have various types. although the types vary, the method of use is still the same, namely the mass to be weighed will be hung or linked to a hook from a hanging scale. To find out the types of hanging scales, the following discussion:

1. Needle Hanging Scales

Needle hanging scales are a type of hanging scale that is included in the manual category. Because the results of the weight of the scale rely on a spring and display the results of the weighing in the form of a needle that will point to the mass number of the item being weighed. Needle hanging scales generally have a capacity between 25kg to 150kg.

The use of needle scales itself is more widely used in the market.

2. Dacin Hanging Scales

Dacin scales are also still included in the manual hanging scale group. Dacin scales are simple scales consisting of 2 arms of different lengths, where the short arm is attached to the object to be weighed and the long arm can be moved by the pendulum through the weight measurement line and when the 2 arms are balanced the spot measurement line The stop pendulum is an indicator of the weight of the object being weighed.

Dacin scales are now rarely found in daily weighing activities. Usually this scale is used to calculate the weight of flour, until it is used to measure the weight of children at the posyandu.

3. Digital Hanging Scales

Digital hanging scales are a type of scale that displays direct results in the form of numbers on a digital machine that is on a digital hanging scale. The numbers shown are generally valid. There are also indicator displays on the scales which are located directly on the weighing unit and there are also those with a wireless system where the indicator display is separate from the weighing unit.

Digital hanging scales have capacities ranging from 30 kg to 15 tons and some even range from 20 tons to 100 tons.

Generally, hanging scales are used for the mid to high level industrial sector. Due to a very practical weighing system and weighing results can be produced quickly and accurately, it is different from dacin scales or needle scales that use a manual system.

4. Mini Hanging Scales (Portable)

A mini hanging scale is a scale with a digital system that has a small size so that it can be easily carried or moved (portable). Mini hanging scales can help us in all types of weighing activities that have high mobility with a maximum capacity of 50kg. For example, to weigh luggage or suitcases and so on.

That's the type of hanging scale, if you need a hanging scale, you can use acas scale,a hanging scale is excellent.

In addition to hanging scales, you can also use hybrid scales, seated scales, floor scales, table scales, manual scales, and other scales.

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