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Street Light Pole

Street Light Pole

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Things to Pay Attention to In Installing a Good Street Light Pole

In installing the PJU pole, a strategy is needed so that the PJU lamp and its accessories can work optimally and according to needs. To make it easier for you to know the things that must be considered in the installation of PJU poles, here is the discussion:

1. Placement System

The system for placing lampposts is a technique for arranging lighting arrangements that must be understood before installation to suit road conditions.

The placement system itself is divided into 2 types. That is a continuous system, which means the placement of PJU light poles continuously or continuously along roads and bridges.

Then the local placement system or what is commonly called a partial system. The placement of this type of lamppost is only in certain areas and at a certain length of distance as needed.

2. Height and distance of PJU lampposts

The height of the street light poles that are installed should be in accordance with the recommended distance. Usually a minimum with a height ranging from 7 meters to 15 meters. As for the distance between the poles (interval) ranging from 20 to 25 meters.

If it is less or more than the recommended distance rule, it will certainly affect part of the lighting. In addition, street lamp posts must be installed at corners to avoid blind spots with a minimum distance of 0.7 meters from the lamp pole to the edge of the pavement.

3. Layout

On a one-way street, the light poles are placed on the left/right side of the road, alternately on the left and right, and on the left and right opposite each other.

As for 2-way roads, the use of street lights can be placed in the middle of the road median, or by combining left and right facing at the same time in the middle of the road median. Meanwhile, if the light poles will be installed at the crossroads, it can be done by using tower lights with several lights installed in the median of the road.

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