cctv pole

cctv pole

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CCTV is currently one of the most widely used items, ranging from housing, offices, industry, traffic and others. The use of CCTV outdoors requires a buffer ie CCTV camera poles. The pole functions as a buffer that can withstand the load of the set of CCTV equipment. CCTV camera poles are special poles that are used with a certain height and thickness. The use of CCTV in a room uses a support device called a CCTV housing. In the CCTV room can be placed easily because of the many places that can support the camera.

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Description of CCTV Camera Poles

Camera poles for CCTV are poles that are specially made to support CCTV. These poles generally have a variety of heights, ranging from 2 meters to 9 meters. With a thickness of 4-10 mm or can be adjusted to the peak load of the mast. The material used for poles is steel with galvanizing coating.

The shape of the pillars used are round, hexagonal, octagonal, polygonal, taper round, octagonal taper, conical round shape, tapper square, square and others. The shape of CCTV poles is adjusted to the  function of CCTV poles to be installed. In addition, this pole can also be equipped with arms, such as a single arm, your arm, tri arm, and four arms. The number of arms can be adjusted according to the number of cameras to be installed. For example, use for traffic surveillance cameras that have four arms.

The function of CCTV poles as a place to put CCTV camera sets must be strong and sturdy. Poles that are planted in the ground are equipped with a base plate with anchor bolts in concrete. Poles are usually used in the yard of the house, the road, red lights and other traffic. The installation of poles and cameras is usually done by a technician.

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