Plastic Tarpaulins

Plastic Tarpaulins

Buy plastic sheeting per roll at low price brands and complete sizes 2x3, 4x6, 5x7 etc. meters ranging from the smallest to largest from the largest, cheapest and largest distributors, suppliers in Indonesia. As the name implies, this tarp is made of selected plastic material that is not easily torn, waterproof and heat functions to make a tent or temporary roof to protect against heat and rain. This tarpaulin is a sheet made of knitted plastic yarn coated or laminated using plastic material, so it is waterproof or waterproof. To get the best quality tarpaulin, look and be distinguished based on the raw material. Strong and good tarpaulin usually has a mixture of plastic, nylon or yarn with a different side. Besides being used for temporary roofs, tarpaulins are often used also for the manufacture of fish ponds, basins for drying rice, corn and others.

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Plastic Tarpaulins
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Price of Plastic Sheeting Per Roll


Find information on the price of plastic sheeting with a complete size selection and the best brands durable and not easily torn, immediately search and find a variety of tarpaulin offer options with quality materials with competitive prices that you can get directly from the first seller with a large number of purchases for your various needs. Besides being able to submit a request for a price quote, you can also see the following info on the estimated price of plastic sheeting per roll:

Plastic Sheeting Size Brands Estimated Price
4 x 6 meters Elephant Star Rp. 115,000
4 x 6 meters Super Elephant Rp. 110,000
4 x 6 meters Elephant Stamp Rp. 120,000

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Find a wide selection of sizes of tarps with a variety of quality ranging from well-known brands that have been proven to be used for various purposes such as making tent stalls, covering items when loaded on trucks or pickups and various other uses such as to make fish ponds . Choose the most suitable, closest and most complete tarpaulin supplier that offers a selection of high quality goods for all your needs.

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