Terminal Block

Terminal Block

Terminal block or cable terminal is electrical equipment that functions to make electrical cable connections from wire. Terminal blocks are also called cable terminals that use bolts or nuts to connect cables. This cable connecting device is made of insulating material, so that it can connect the cable without conducting electricity out. If you plan to procure goods, in Indotrading you can find lots of cable terminal suppliers from all over Indonesia that sell various types of cable connector terminals from trusted brands and have been widely used for electrical installations for home, building and industrial cable networks . All types and models you can get directly only through the website Indotrading.com.

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Types of Terminal Blocks

There are many types of terminal blocks that are often used for making cable connections. All of these types are distinguished based on their structure, device type and specifications. All types and models you can choose in Indotrading. Because there are many supplier and distributor companies in Indotrading that sell various terminal blocks of different sizes and models that have different functions and benefits. So before you buy the goods, you should submit a purchase request directly from all suppliers in Indotrading to get a variety of offers of types and models that you can use for your needs.

Structure Types :

  1. Single level terminals: also known as single feed terminal blocks, are the type of terminal blocks that are only used to connect two wires simultaneously, namely wire-to-wire connections. This type is the simplest by only having one contact input and one contact output.
  2. Dual-level Terminal Blocks: These blocks have connection-level terminals that are stacked at the first level. This setting is used to increase space.
  3. Three-level Terminal Block: Same as a double-level block, this type of one has an additional level at the top. The advantage of using multilevel blocks is that many connections can be made in the same block.

Device Types:

  1. Ground Terminal Blocks: These blocks often look like single-level terminal blocks but the difference is these blocks when the wire is disconnected, so install the DIN panel or rail where the blocks were installed earlier..
  2. Fused Connection Terminals: These blocks are also similar to high-level blocks but the metal connection lines are replaced by fuses. Therefore, the cable will send through the fuse to provide additional protection.
  3. Thermocouple Terminal Blocks: This block is designed to accept thermocouple tin connections. Several thermocouple connectors at the end clamp the ends of the thermocouple together on both sides of the block, removing metal connection strips inside the block.
  4. I/O Block and Sensor Block: used to make connections between devices and controllers. Meanwhile, sensors block three or four wire devices such as proximity sensors.
  5. Disconnect Terminal Blocks: These blocks allow cables to be easily removed by simply lifting the lever or knife switch. This type of one can be used to disconnect safer without removing cables.
  6. Power Distribution Blocks: This block is used in the distribution of electric power. This block is said to be a convenient, economical and safer way for single input output to multiple outputs. One large wire is connected to the block input terminal and several output terminals are provided at the output. In this way, the cables are arranged properly in the control panel so that it looks neater, cleaner, and professional.

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