Buy cheap digital tensimeter / manual wholesale prices of the best brands to use to measure blood pressure. Get it from the biggest distributors, suppliers and importers in Indonesia right now. By knowing what blood pressure is, we can assess whether our blood pressure / blood pressure is normal or not. Normal normal human blood pressure is 100-130 mmHg for systolic pressure and 60-90 mmHg for diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is blood pressure when contraction of the heart muscle and vice versa diastolic pressure is blood pressure when the heart is relaxing / resting. Someone said to suffer from high blood pressure if blood pressure / blood pressure above 140 / 90mmHg. And said to suffer from low blood pressure if the blood pressure / blood pressure is below 90 / 60mmHg. So what are you waiting for let's find and find a variety of low and high blood pressure gauges with a complete selection of brands with friendly prices only in Indotrading.com.

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After getting this information you can determine which products are cheap and want bought. To get cheap prices, of course you make sure with other similar items so that the price comparison with this quality can be clear. Generally, sellers in Indotrading have to adjust between quality and price so that you no longer take too long to determine the goods. Apart from quality, of course, the sellers also offer their latest products which may be different in price and quality, so make sure to also compare products with this new model or type with items with the latest release.

Type / Brand Estimated Price
Omron HEM 8712 Rp. 445,000
OEM Digital Tensimeter Rp. 233,000
Anerois General Care Rp. 150,000
Beurer BM-55 Rp. 920,700
Beurer BM-26 Rp. 609,000

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