Party Tent

Party Tent

The tent rental business is a promising business. Because, almost every week, there are always weddings, campus events, exhibitions, and other events that require tents in various forms. If you are interested in starting this business or want to add a collection of tents for your business, get the product through the website. We provide various kinds of party tents from various suppliers, distributors, exporters, importers of reliable tents that suit your needs.

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Types of Party Tents

To choose a tent that is suitable for the event, it would be better if you know in advance the types of tents that are commonly used for parties, both weddings and other parties:

1. Party Canopy

This tent is the type of tent that is most widely used because it is lightweight and installation is fairly easy when compared to other tents.

2. Canopy Pop-Up

As with party canopy tents, this type of tent is made from lightweight and easy installation. However, the difference is that this tent can be folded so it is more practical and suitable for all types of parties.

3. Tent Frames

This type of tent uses a metal frame and has no center pole. Different from the two types of tents above, this tent is quite complex so it must be installed directly by experts.

4. Span Tent

This tent was built with a high center pole with sloping ceilings. Automatically, this tent can provide a more open atmosphere in the tent, making it suitable for parties with a large number of invitations.

5. Polar Tent

This type of tent is supported by sturdy pillars that surround it including in the middle. This type of tent is very sturdy so it is suitable for extreme conditions such as rain and wind.

How to Choose Party Tents for Business Purposes

If you are going to start a tent rental business, there are a few things you need to consider to buy a tent as a first step to starting your business, including:

1. Specify the Type of Party Tent

As explained earlier, the types of tents commonly used for parties are very diverse. There are tent type party-canopy tents, pop-up canopy tents, span tents, frame tents, polar tents, and other types of tents that have their respective specifications and advantages. If you are still confused, choose which one is more loved by consumers.

2. Locations and Floors

In addition to the type of tent, things you should consider to choose a party tent is to pay attention to the floor and location of the party. Usually, the location and surface texture are taken into consideration when choosing a tent.

3. Tent Size

The next thing you need to consider to choose a tent is to determine the size of the tent. Because the tents are made in various sizes, ranging from small to large.

4. Tent Color

For business purposes, it would be better if you have a collection of tents with a variety of colors. So, consumers can choose the color of the tent in accordance with their respective tastes. But, if you are confused, usually the party tent is more dominated by white.

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