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Types of Trash Cans by Color

Not just any waste, trash bins have different types and functions based on their color. This is intended to make it easier to distinguish and sort out the types of waste before it enters the landfill. The types of trash cans are as follows.

1. Green Trash

The green trash can is used as a place to dispose of organic wastes such as household cooking residue, rotten vegetables and so on. This waste can then be reprocessed into fertilizer so as not to pollute the environment too much.

2. Yellow Trash

While the yellow color is a trash can intended to accommodate non-organic waste. In general, non-organic waste such as plastic, Styrofoam, papers, and other packaging are generally made by machines and are difficult to decompose.

3. Blue Trash

 The blue trash can is a type of trash that is used specifically to accommodate paper-type inorganic waste. This is very beneficial for recycling craftsmen because of the blue trash can. The goal is to make it easier for craftsmen to sort out paper that can be used as crafts or recycled.

4. Red Trash

The red trash can is a container for storing waste or hazardous and toxic material waste or commonly called B3. Wastes that are included in the hazardous category include cans, glass, chemicals and other dangerous sharp and toxic materials.

5. Grey Trash

It is not widely used compared to trash cans of other colors, but ash bins also have a specific function. This trash can accommodates residual waste or in other words all types of waste and waste that are not included in the previous four types of waste categories. Usually these trash cans are found in special places such as hospitals and the like.

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