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Generator Tank

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Rp 10.300.000

Cheap Genset Tank Prices

Get a variety of price references from the types of tank generator sets that you can get directly from suppliers and distributors in But before you get the price offered you should also be able to immediately find out other price information from sellers from all over Indonesia.

Tank Capacity Estimated Price
1000 Liters Rp. 10,000,000
5000 Liters Rp. 17,500,000
8000 Liters Rp. 27,000,000
12000 Liters Rp. 44,800,000
16000 Liters Rp. 48,050,000

Genset Tank Specifications

Generator set tanks are used for diesel generators and gasoline made from iron and heat-resistant and anti-corrosion materials so you can store outdoors or indoors. Generally the fuel tank for the generator set is also coated by waterproof paint on the outside so that it is resistant to hot weather and water. The function of the generator set fuel tank is used to store diesel fuel or gasoline used to supply generators / power generators used in industry or factories. In the market there are many choices of tanks with varying quality such as differences in manufacturers / manufacturers, brands and capacity sizes. So that each tank has the respective superior capacity. Before buying a generator tank you must first know how much capacity is needed. That way you can buy a tank that suits your needs.

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