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Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium Ladder

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Getting to Know the Types of Aluminum Stairs

Aluminum ladders have various types, so they can be tailored to your needs. To make it easier for you to know the types of aluminum tannga, here's the discussion:

1. Multifunctional Aluminum Folding Ladder

The multifunctional aluminum folding ladder has many useful functions with practicality being its appeal. This type of aluminum ladder does not require a backrest for its use, because of its shape that can be adapted to your type of needs without worrying about where the back of the ladder is.

The height of the multifunctional aluminum folding ladder can reach 12 meters when used and approximately 4 meters when folded. The size is quite practical for this type of folding ladder.

2. Aluminum Step Ladder Folding Ladder

Aluminum folding ladder step ladder is a type of aluminum folding ladder whose use can be moved practically. The shape and size for this type of step ladder is smaller than a folding ladder in general.

In addition to being used for household needs, usually the use of this type of ladder is mostly found for locations with high mobility such as offices that require a ladder with a mini size and easy to move and use.

3. Aluminum Ladder Model Binoculars

The binocular ladder model is a type of aluminum folding ladder that is also easy to find and has been widely used. This folding ladder model adjusts the size of the height in its use by raising and lowering the steps according to need.

Unlike other types of aluminum folding ladders whose folds are divided into two parts, this binocular capital aluminum folding ladder also folds its shape by going up and down the steps.

This makes the folding form can reach a maximum of 1 meter when folded, much smaller than other types of folding ladders and reach 4 meters when used.

4. Double Folding Ladder

Double folding ladders have two sides of an equal footing that can stand independently without a backrest with a wide base at the top of the ladder, making this type of folding ladder the most popular.

This aluminum folding ladder is available in various sizes, the maximum height of this double folding ladder reaches 6 meters, with a ladder width of 25-30 cm. Usually this aluminum folding ladder is silver, like the original color of most aluminum.

That's a discussion about the types of aluminum ladders. If you need aluminum ladders, you can use Dalton aluminum ladders, and Liveo aluminum ladders.