Strapping Strap

Strapping Strap

Selling Strap Strap / Packing Rope Per Meter Low Prices

Buy the lowest price per meter strapping strap / strap from suppliers, importers and distributors of the closest, most complete and cheapest strap in Indonesia. As the name implies, strap strap is a type of rope made of plastic and other mixed materials and serves to handle cardboard and packaging in the form of blocks using strapping machines examples of cardboard packaging, ceramics, wood and various other types of products. This type of strapping is often used for industrial needs such as packaging and packaging industrial products which will be distributed to suppliers, distributors and agents and shops. This method is carried out in order to facilitate the packaging process or product packaging and easy transportation. For a variety of business needs, your company such as for cardboard packaging you can directly buy at low prices from all sellers strapping prices per meter, per roll or per roll with quality competitive options only in


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Cheap Strapping Per Roll / Meter Rope Prices in Indonesia

Your factory or company is looking for a strap strap in large numbers with various sizes and looking for the cheapest strapping prices in Indonesia? In, you can directly search for product supply requests with various specifications that you want directly from all distributors, suppliers and importers of strapping from all over Indonesia and can directly compare which prices are the cheapest with competitive quality. In addition to reference the estimated price you can also immediately see the price list below:

Packing / Strapping Rope Size Price Range
Packing / Strapping Strap Size 15 mm Weight 2 kg Rp. 75,000
12 mm Strapping Band Pack Rope Straps 8Kg Rp. 216,000
12 mm Strapping Pack Weight 1.5 kg Rp. 60,000
Strap Size 12 mm Strap Weight 2kg Rp. 70,000

Suppliers, Distributors and Importers of Strap Strap or Packing Rope in

If you already have strapping price information, you can immediately determine which suppliers you can set yourself which you can make as the main distributor for procurement of goods at any time. So by determining the company you choose based on who sells the lowest price or closest to your company, all distribution of rope procurement for packaging the products you want to market will be easier and faster to get the goods.

Function of Strapping Band Straps for Cardboard Packaging

In the industrial world, especially many produce various types of products such as ceramics, tiles, bricks or products for other household needs. Strap band is very important to be used for various needs in packaging products that have to be packaged with strapping straps so that it is easy to distribute and not too difficult to lift and move products when storing in warehouses, transport in trucks and containers to be distributed throughout Indonesia .

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