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Rp 2.350.000
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Cheap Gutter Prices for Homes

Brand / Type Estimated Price
Gutters Pvc Sni Rp. 55,000
90Cm Rubber Gutter Rp. 450,000
Gutters Seng / Galvalum Rp. 19,000
Gutter Profile PVC UK. 140 Rp. 117,500
Gutter Outlet UK PVC Pipe Rp. 25,300

Model and Size of the House Gutter

Gutter is one of the construction equipment installed on the roof of houses and buildings. The gutter function is used to drain rain water from tile roofs and other types of roofing so that water is flowed into pralon or pipes and will then be discharged to the bottom of the house directly to the ground or into other waterways such as gutters and reservoirs. When viewed from the gutter model is generally made of several materials that are commonly used:

1. PVC Gutter or Plastic Gutter one type of gutter that is often used because it has a variety of model shapes and a relatively large selection of brands, so many consumers often use it. But this type of material has the disadvantage of being more easily damaged because if used for long periods of time it will look dull and cracked.

2. Galvalum / Zinc Gutter or Metal Gutter because it is made of galvalum or zinc which is lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. The advantage of using this zinc chamfer is that installation will be easier when there are angles or indentations during installation because of the flexible nature of the zinc so that it is easy to adjust the position when mounting.

3. Concrete Water Gutter is a type of gutter made of mixed concrete material with a material that does not seep water, so that when water passes through the gutter it does not leave water infiltration downward and goto the other. These types of gutters are too heavy and break easily if used for a long time.

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