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10 Rekomendasi Tachometer Terbaik untuk Ukur Kecepatan Rotasi

Pada abad modern ini segala sesuatu dirancang secara praktis dan lebih efisien. Sistem konvensional yang sudah dari dahulu dianut manusia lambat laun mulai tergantikan dengan sesuatu yang lebih praktis dan digital. Kini kendaraan telah dilengkapi pir...

Types of Tachometers

Tachometer was created to facilitate measurement of the rotation of an object in units of time per minute. It turns out there are several types of tachometer that you need to know before buying it. The following is an explanation of each type:

1. Optical Tachometer

The first type is called an optical tachometer which functions to measure the speed of the turning angle. This type has photosensor specifications to detect the number of stripes that have been passed so that it can produce an output in the form of pulse waves.

2. Toothed Rotor Tachometer

As the name implies, this type of tachometer has a fixed sensor and a gear wheel, wheels, and iron. This tachometer works by the way when the rotor rotates, then the rotor-toothed part will be measured.

3. DC Tachometer

The last type of tachometer is a DC tachometer consisting of a permanent magnet and a rotating part made of coil. This one DC generator works by producing a DC output voltage that is proportional to the rod speed so that a direct conversion occurs.

Use of Digital Tachometer

On a daily basis, if you are still confused about what is the use of this one object, it is actually not uncommon to be found in daily life, day in and day out. The following is the use of a tachometer in life:

1. For motor vehicles

Tachometers are common in motorized vehicles. Tachometer is used to measure the rotating speed of a mechanical device. For cars, tachometers are usually used to monitor RPM.

2. For airplanes

In an aircraft, there is one tachometer for each engine. By using a separate tachometer for different parts, the aircraft pilot or crew can find out if there are problems with certain parts.

3. For medical purposes

Not only works for vehicles, tachometers are also often used to support medical needs. Tachometer in the medical world is used to diagnose circulatory problems such as blocked arteries.

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