Oxygen Tube

Oxygen Tube

Oxygen cylinders are one of the tools for those who have respiratory problems. We often see the use of these tools such as in hospitals or health care centers such as health centers, polyclinics village, and so forth. Usually central health service mostly have great size and weigh up to 60 kg and height up to 6 m3. This is done because a large capacity more content that would be more durable during use. However, large-sized oxygen tank is not practical to carry everywhere. So what if someone is experiencing breathing problems while he was on his way? Now no need to worry anymore if you, your family, and your friends to experience breathing problems when in transit, because now we can find a respirator in the form of an oxygen tank that is small so it is more practical to carry around and more efficient to use. The oxygen tube called a portable oxygen cylinder, oxygen tank that is lightweight and does not take place.

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