Switch Selector

Switch Selector

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Switch selector is a device used to select an electrical circuit connection and block the connection of other electrical circuits. You will be able to select a connectivity by pressing a button which is usually located on the front of the selector. This selector has many versions starting from 2, 3, or 4. Looking for the best quality switch selector you can find in Indotrading.com. Offered directly from suppliers, distributors or trusted importers with various attractive offers.

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Switch Selector Working Mechanism

The way the switch selector works is very easy. This switch uses cams as a combination to open and close an electrical circuit. There will be a button that can be pressed with two types of signs namely I and O if in Indonesia. The sign I represents the opening of a circuit, so that the circuit will be electrified and can be lit. While the O symbol represents the closed position for a circuit. You will be able to choose which circuit will be turned on and off.

The circuit that is on will be marked with the usual LED light turning red. When there is a power outage, you will be able to see through the indication of the lamp. A dead LED indicates no electricity to the circuit.

This one tool is commonly used in a home scale. However, the use of regular industrial scale uses selector up to 4 positions. You will need this model selector for setting mode.

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