Disconnector Switch

Disconnector Switch

The Switch Disconnector is known as a breaker switch that is designed to block the current of the load passing when the switch is opened. Often this tool aims to isolate electrical equipment that may be available in large power capacities. Switch Disconnector is usually also equipped with a visual warning feature as protection when a load current is flowing. To get this tool is also very easy, namely by visiting the Indotrading site as one of the largest marketplace that has a variety of suppliers and distributors with the most complete and quality cable connection equipment product offerings.

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Overview of the Switch Disconnector

Disconnecting switches that are available on the market generally have been facilitated with a visual security warning feature for users or workers, where when the switch situation is open or there is no load flowing the visual sign will notify the safe or otherwise. The following are some of the things that need to be known from a disconnector switch:

  •  Disconnecting switches, air break switches, and oil switches are generally used simultaneously, with one operating system.
  • Disconnecting switches are often used to isolate equipment such as terminals or other electrical equipment, as well as separating feeder groups for maintenance purposes.
  • When the equipment maintenance process at the substation, usually the load and resources of the substation are disconnected by the switch disconnector. The goal is a form of security for workers when carrying out repairs.

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