Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester

Selling best price Surge Arrester from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Surge Arrester with the latest price that serves to protect electrical devices from high voltage sourced from outside network influences such as lightning and internal influences such as electrical short circuit caused by damaged cable connections or switches. For the safety of the electricity network you should use arresters to protect the lightning induction which can damage electronics such as TVs, radios, refrigerators and various other equipment. This tool is installed on the electricity grid in the order of the power source, MCB, surge arrester and then to electrical installations such as lights, radios and others. For the selection of types or types, you can adjust to the needs that you currently want to buy.

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Surge Arrester Function

One type of electricity or electrical accessories functions to protect electronics such as televisions, computers and other electronic devices from lightning induction that can damage the electronics, this term is also often called lightning rod . To protect all electronic equipment at home or office you should use and install this electric arrester after installing MCB / Miniature Circuit Breaker . So when installing it should be sorted based on the installation of good and correct electric arresters like this the order of the source of electricity from the PLN - MCB - electric arresters - electronic devices such as lights , tv and other devices.

The Best Electric Arrester Brands

In addition to the above product prices there are many more different types / types of products that you can buy through Indotrading. And not only products with brands like the ones above, there are still many more brands of electric arresters that you can find from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading from companies / manufacturers from all over Indonesia such as some well-known and familiar brands that are often used for additional equipment for electrical accessories that can maximize and secure the electricity network. Here are some of the arrester brands that are widely sold at and are widely used for electrical safety networks at home and at the office.

1. Arrester Schneider

2. Arrester Phoenix Contact

3. Arrester Weidmuller

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