Selling the best price Styrofoam from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Styrofoam with the latest prices that are widely used for various daily needs. Styrofoam is made from a mixture of polystyrene with dioctiplactate and butyl hydroxy toluene. Thus, the material produced is quite strong, rigid, not transparent or light and dense. Although it is easily broken, but styrofoam is still selected and used for needs such as styrofoam for industrial needs. In, you can find styrofoam materials with various uses that can be adapted to your needs. Find quality Styrofoam materials directly from trusted distributors in!

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Use of Styrofoam

Currently, Styrofoam is widely used by various companies, both for personal and commercial purposes. For example in the fields of Flowers Board, Car Parade Decor, Wedding Decor, Exhibition Decor and Corporate Events, Building Property (Swallow Nest Building, Karaoke Home, Studio Music and Housing), and other industrial needs.

How to Choose Good Styrofoam you can count on to find quality styrofoam products. Because, through our website, you can get quality products directly from the supplier so that the price offered will also be cheaper. Besides having to be smart in choosing a manufacturer, there are several things you can do to get quality Styrofoam products, including:

1. Make sure the Goods are Clean

Styrofoam which will be used for other purposes such as packaging, requires you to choose clean styrofoam when you buy it. Because, if the state of styrofoam as the outermost packaging of a dirty product, consumers will hesitate even to judge your product is not quality.

2. Resistant to Pressure

A good cork board is strong and resistant to pressure. To test it, you can press Styrofoam. If Styrofoam is dented or can't stand when pressed, the quality is bad. Another case if Styrofoam is strong and resistant to dents when pressed, then that is what you can make a choice.

3. Surface Texture

Don't let you choose styrofoam which has an uneven textured surface. Because, quality styrofoam has a flat surface texture so it is easy to shape and use.

4. Right Thickness

You need to choose styrofoam with the right thickness as needed. Try not to be too thin because it will break easily, but also need not be too thick because it will be more difficult to shape

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