Electric Socket

Electric Socket

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How to choose a good socket:

If you are going to buy a socket, there are a few things you need to pay attention to to get a good socket outlet product, including:

1. Pins made of brass

How to choose the first socket outlet, you might consider choosing a socket that is made of brass. Because the brass is considered more flexible when compared to the iron plate so that when plugged in by the plug and pulled back, the pin will return to its original shape and prevent it from being easily damaged.

2. The casing is made of safe material

Generally, the outside of the socket outlet is made of plastic material. However, because a lot of plastic material is used as a stop contact material, we recommend you to choose the type of ABS plastic because it can withstand higher heat than Polypropelene plastic types.

3. Choose which is easy to install

The next tip in choosing a good socket is to pay attention to the socket outlet design that provides convenience and does not require special expertise during installation so that it can save costs.

4. Choose who already pocketed the SNI certificate

Also select an outlet product that has SNI certification. That way, the quality offered is definitely guaranteed and safer because it has passed the test.

How to install a secure socket:

If you want to install sockets, there are a few tips you need to pay attention to so that they can be installed safely, including:

  1. For the installation of a new socket, the first step you need to do is make a hole in the wall to install the socket outlet. Then make a pipe line on the wall from the ceiling to the wall socket.
  3. Make sure that there is no power supply voltage in the house when you do the installation. Therefore, the next step is to turn off the electric voltage at the MCB or directly on the Kwh meter. To make sure the power is gone, you can test it by inserting a testpen into the socket. If it is not lit, there is no electricity.
  5. Install phase, neutral, and earth cords from the power lines of the existing electrical installation to the power outlet.
  7. Put the socket in the hole provided.
  9. Put the phase, neutral, and earth cords in the socket by tightening the bolts. For cable position, the ground wire is in the middle, while the phase and neutral cables are on the right and left.
  11. If it is installed, turn on the power source again from the MCB and Kwh meter!