Spot Welding

Spot Welding

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Spot welding machine is one type of welding machine whose working process uses resistance welding technique by connecting it using lap joint with a dot welding. Las in the form of dots is produced from two opposite electrodes. The electrode tip at the RSW affects the size and shape of the welding point. The most common form of electrodes is a circle. But there are also some forms that can be used such as hexagons, rectangles and others. Electrode materials used in RSW are divided into two groups: (1) copper alloys and (2) combinations of heat-resistant metals such as copper and tungsten.

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Rely on Spot Welder on Damaged Vehicles

Most mechanics rely on tools such as spot welder to repair vehicle components that are heavily damaged. Spot welder functions to pull the panel so that it can return to its original condition before the car experiences conditions such as dents or wrecks. The process is not welded in hot but cold conditions. The way the end of the spot is inserted in the ring and then fired into several points on the body panel. The attached ring will be inserted in an additional device such as an iron that is connected to each ring, then the car body that is dented will be pulled out.

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