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What is Spectrophotometer

Selling the best price spectrophotometer from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a spectrophotometer with the latest price which is a tool used to measure absorbance by passing light with a certain wavelength on a glass or quartz object called a cuvette. Some of the light will be absorbed and the rest will be missed. Well, for those of you who need this tool to complete your laboratory, immediately make a request and submit it to a spectrophotometer supplier in Indotrading.com! Spectrophotometer suppliers, distributors and manufacturers will offer the best price only for you!

Price Vis Spectrophotometer Maskot VS 3210 Rp 46,000,000
Price UV Vis Spectrophotometer Maskot UVS 2010 Rp 68,000,000
Price DLAB Spectrophotometer SP-UV1100 Rp 52,000,000
Price DLAB Spectrophotometer SP-V1100 Rp 28,000,000
Price MASKOT PCS 1891 - Protein Chain Spectrophotometer Rp 490,800,000
Price B-ONE Digital Spectrophotometer Model 9800-D Rp 15,000
Price Spektrofotometer FTIR – Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 Rp 4,700,000,000
Price Spectrophotometer - Thermo Sciencetific GENESYS 30 Rp 110,000,000
Price FTIR Spectrometer – Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit PRO Rp 1,131,700,000
Price FTIR Spectrometer – Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit X Rp 996,200,000

How the Spectrophotometer Works

This tool works by inserting a light source into the monochromator and spread into monochromatic light. Not just anyone can operate this tool, because to be able to operate this tool, one must have the basic ability of analytical chemistry problems. Because, there will be some use of formulas to measure the value of conversions.

How it works Spectrophotometer

The technique for using this tool is called the spectrophotometric technique. With this technique, you can measure the concentration of dissolved elements in a solution by calculating the amount of light absorbed by the elements.
  1. To use this tool, the researcher must make adjustments to the device by pressing the set tour button and adjust it according to the desired wavelength.
  2. Then, press the set button again to save the settings and insert the cuvette containing distilled water and press the empty button.
  3. Remove the cuvette again and insert the cuvette that contains the sample to be examined.
  4. Wait until the waveform reading on the screen stops or remains

Types of Spectrophotometers

There are several types of spectrophotometers that can be found in various laboratories, including:

1. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
This tool is equipped with light or electromagnetic wave sources, either ultraviolet light or visible light. Liquids are studied to be measured directly by the absorption of light or ultra violet visible light. The advantage of this tool is that it can be used not only for color samples but for color samples.

2. Infrared Spectrophotometer
The method in the infrared spectrophotometer is a device that functions to observe interactions between molecules by exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the wave range of 75-1000 lm. This type of application is used in both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

3. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Usually used by researchers to analyze metal elements or solid objects. The working principle of this method is to absorb light or from atomic sources that have been released by analytic wavelengths.

4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
is an analytical method for determining the structural properties of natural or artificial components.

5. Fluorescence Molecules
This method involves the absorption process and the process of emitting radiation. This tool works by changing the form of energy that is not emitted into heat or heat energy.

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