Sound System

Sound System

Selling Sound System at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a Sound System at the latest price which is an audio equipment package consisting of speakers, microphones, amplifiers, equalizers, audio mixers and various other components. This sound package becomes an alternative choice for sound rental entrepreneurs to get sound equipment that has become one package. With the purchase of a package of assembled or manufacturer's sound, the buyer no longer needs to adjust the device package. Because to get good sound quality, you have to go through several tests with special equipment in the factory, so if you buy a manufacturer's sound package with the best brand, of course for matters of sound quality has been tested. As for the choice of sound system type itself there can be many based on the brand and specifications.

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Sound System Package

The sound system consists of several complementary tools to produce good sound according to default settings and manual settings. The sound package equipment consists of the following equipment:

1. Speaker
Speaker is a device that functions as a means of output from audio produced through sound devices or loudspeakers.

2. Microphone
Mic is a type of transducer that converts acoustic energies or sound waves into electrical signals and serves as a communication and presentation tool so that human voices or other sounds can be heard louder and clearer.

3. Amplifier
Amplifier is an electronic device that is used to amplify the audio frequency power, the amplifier power gain between 20 times to 100 times the input signal.

4. Equalizer
Equalizer is an audio system equipment whose job is to increase and / or reduce the frequency tones in the range that we need and also if we want to trim a band.

5. Audio Mixer
Audio mixer is an electronic device that functions to combine certain sounds or audio mixed into one so that it makes a different and more interesting sound. This audio mixer is often used for the needs of music studios and music events such as concerts and others.

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