Flameproof Switch Socket

Flameproof Switch Socket

Selling High Quality Socket Explosion Proof

Explosion proof in language means anti-explosion / anti-explosion. Explosion proof socket is a device that can be used to prevent explosion. The source of the explosion in the form of gas such as LPG, gasoline gas, hydrogen gas, and other flammable gases. Combustible dust such as coal dust and combustible steam, for example petrol vapor.

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Description of How the Explosion Proof Socket Tool Works

Socket explosion proof is a device that has a sensor transmitter / housing. Housing has been engineered to function to withstand the lightning or explosion caused by spark. This spark is for example by high temperatures, electrical contact, electrical damage that produces steam and flammable gas.

The function of this explosion proof socket captures the flammable gas and steam. The housing is made of cast aluminum or stainless steel, which is designed to cool hot gases to below flame temperatures so as not to explode.

Socket explosion proof has a certificate that must be fulfilled, namely the ATEX test certificate (Atmosphere Explosion which means explosion in the air). The type of protection for each device is different, usually found in the product description.

Socket explosion proof function to minimize the risk of fire on the company and the surrounding environment. This tool is installed in flammable areas such as oil refineries, Pertamina, gas stations / gas stations / gas stations, fertilizer factories and others. Places that produce flammable gases and vapors are caused by electrical equipment.

Socket explosion proof is a security system that is widely used by industry, mining, commercial and gas stations. This tool is installed in a fire-prone area, that is in the area connecting the electric current with other components in the area of ​​explosion proof.

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