Slump Test

Slump Test

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Slump test is one type of test tool or method that works to determine the consistency of a mixture of cement with sand or concrete to determine the level of quality. With this concrete mixture test tool we can more easily find out the amount of water content, cement and sand or stone material if the composition is correct or not. Indotrading sells concrete slump test at attractive prices consisting of various latest models directly from the reliable suppliers, distributors and importers.

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Knowing Various Kinds of Concrete Test

In the process of building construction, concrete becomes one of the most important parts that needs to be done in a separate study and analysis. Usually the analysis phase is carried out with the casting stage then tested using a special tool called a concrete slump test (Slump Test). This tool serves to monitor homogeneity and workability (concrete working stages) on a fresh concrete mix based on the level of viscosity expressed in the form of one slump value.

In general, slump testing relies on tools created by Abrams made of metal. Concrete mixing conditions that are too runny can trigger qualities that tend to be low and difficult to dry. But if mixing concrete is too dry it can also cause the mixture to become uneven and difficult to print. There are several types of conditions in the concrete slump test that may occur as follows:

  1. True Slump

A successful mixture can be declared as a true slump, especially if the concrete cone section has decreased simultaneously on each side when the cone is removed. 

       2. Shear Slump

If a portion of the concrete cone slides down along the inclined plane repeatedly, this is stated if the cohesion properties of the mixture being tested are not good.

      3. Collapse Slump (Collapse Slump)

This condition occurs when a cone that has been mixed when it is lifted experiences a collapse (collapse).

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Conducting tests on concrete before continuing the building construction process, there is a tool that is often used which is called a slump test. In addition to simplifying the process of measuring the quality of tests on concrete, this tool is also very easy to find online as available in You can buy various quality brands and quality products directly from the hands of reliable suppliers, distributors and importers here. Various other soil test equipment can also be obtained easily in Indotrading such as penetration tests , sample splitters and sand equivalent tests. You can take advantage of qualified features to facilitate the purchase process such as the price quote feature and the procurement feature if you intend to buy wholesale. Intend to look for concrete test equipment now? Visit the website soon and join us as a seller to launch your business.

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