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Buy the best quality cheap shackle brands from the best suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and factories or all sellers in Indotrading. Shackle is one type of seal made of iron / steel which is very strong and shaped like an omega. The function of this shackle is as a hook wire sling tool to connect one sling to another sling. By using a hook, the use of slings can be widely used and is usually used to transport or lift large objects with a wider volume. Get various shackle sizes

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Apakah Anda cukup familiar denganshackle? Benda mungil ini ternyata memiliki fungsi yang cukup besar lho! Shackle atau disebut juga dengan segel, adalah alat  penyambung Sling dengan objek yang akan diangkat. Segel biasanya digunakan untuk mengangkat...

Types of Shackle Types

Let's find various types, sizes and models of chain seal tools or other types of rope that are similar to chains. This tool is often used for loading and unloading goods on trucks and ships. In addition there are still many functions and uses according to the type or model with various forms, such as the following:

1. Dee type   2. Types of Omega
  3. Types of Wide
  4. Type of Screw Pin   5. Type of Round Pin   6. Type Bolt and Nut

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