Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes

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Benefits of Safety Shoes at Work

Every job has a risk of an accident whether it is light or severe. To minimize injuries when working, especially in jobs that have a high risk of injuring members of the body including electrical technicians, workshops, factories and construction and mining workers. One example, using safety shoes according to standards will help prevent injuries to the feet from sharp objects. The following are some of the benefits of using shoes in full:

1. Protect your feet from sharp objects

For technicians or mechanics and mining and construction workers are often at risk of sharp objects while working. By using good shoes made from leather and covered with steel on the toe, you can easily avoid this risk.

2. Protect Foot Parts from Chemicals 

In addition to sharp objects, when working in a factory it is usually vulnerable to the risk of being exposed to chemicals or chemical liquids that would normally be accidentally exposed to the feet. With the correct use of shoes, the risk can be avoided.

3. Covering the Feet from Hot Liquid

Because it has a material made of genuine leather according to the standard on the shoes, the feet will be protected from various hot liquids which could possibly hurt the lower leg.

4. Not Easily Slip

By using shoes according to standards ie shoe soles from rubber material can avoid or reduce the danger of slipping while working and working on slippery floors.

Models and Brands of the Best Safety Shoes

The term safety shoes is a work shoe made with leather material which is very strong resistant to scratches, oil and impact because of the shoes coated with steel to protect the toe from any risk of sharp and hard objects.

This shoe is designed by promoting foot safety and comfort that is used to protect the feet when working in the engineering, workshop, mining and other industries. From time to time these types of shoes not only prioritize safety, but also are designed with a good model and keep abreast of the latest trends in various models.

To choose a good brand of safety shoes you need to compare one brand to another, of course by comparing the specifications, prices and materials used, so you will easily be able to determine the best choice according to your needs, for example, for the needs of consumers, of course you have to buy some brands that are popular and which models are often bought by consumers so that the collection of shoes that you will sell is complete. To find the work shoe model you want, there are several models and brands that are popular below:

  • Kings shoes this brand is becoming a popular one which is often sought after and used by most workers to protect the feet when working, but not only has a large collection of models but also has good quality leather.
  • Cheetah Shoes one of the brands that is also an option consumers because they have a lot of good models and provide a complete range of sizes for consumers in Indonesia.
  • AP Boots who doesn't know This shoe brand, what more Indonesian people certainly know a brand that not only sells boots but now also produces a variety of safety shoes that are not inferior to quality and models with other brands.
  • Krisbow shoes this brand is becoming a popular one also among industrial, mining and engineering workers because of the affordable prices, complete models and quality that can not be doubted because it has been proven that too many consumers use this brand.
  • Kent Shoes a brand of shoes that is not inferior to the brand the other one is a shoe manufacturer that has been labeled SNI is a much sought-after choice and is used in all fields of needs with a more durable quality of material and use.
  • Caterpillar shoes one of the brands that is quite popular when this, because all types and models of shoes produced are not only very good for protecting feet, but also have a choice of trendy models and proven to be a lot of consumers who use these shoes not only when working in the engineering industry but also widely used by security officers and used for all other activities.

Recommended Best Safety Shoes Type

1. Kings KWD 805 CX
2. Kings 901X
3. Kings KWD 806
4. Cheetah 3001H
5. Cheetah 7001H
6. Jogger Turbo
7. Krisbow Maxi 6 inch
8. Krisbow Arrow 4 inch

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New Product Safety Shoes

Sepatu Safety
Supplier : CV. Jaya Mandiri
Price : Rp 90,000
Bekasi , Bekasi
Sepatau Safety Boots Atau Safety Shoes Brown
Supplier : Rinawa Maju Jaya
Price : Rp 290,000
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Sepatu Safety Boot Ando
Supplier : Toko Duta Safety Jakarta
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Sepatu Safety
Supplier : PT. Giga Kreasi Jasatama
Price : Rp 150,000
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan
Produksi Sepatu Safety
Price : Rp 180,000
Jawa Barat , Bandung
Sepatu Safety Handymen Nbr S 302 - Black
Price : Rp 307,500
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Utara