Sensor Transducer

Sensor Transducer

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Sensors and transducers are tools that are widely used in the industrial world. Both have different roles, although they can be used in control in the industrial world. There are many types of sensor transducers, so their use must be adjusted. Some types of are proximity sensors, magnetic sensors, light sensors, ultrasonic sensors, pressure sensors, and so on. While the various types of transducers are passive and active.

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Transducer Sensor Function

The sensor is a device that serves to detect things, such as magnetism, heat, light, chemicals, and electrical voltage. This tool is often used to measure this matter and has an important role in the process of control at the factory which can be automatic.

There are many types of sensors and each sensor can be used to detect something different. For example, proximity sensors can be used to detect the presence of metals without physical contact. Transducer is a device that can be used to convert an energy into energy in another form. Transducers can basically be divided into two types, passive and active transducers.

Passive transducer is a transducer that can work with additional external energy. Whereas the active transducer is a transducer that can operate without additional external energy. The way the transducer sensor works is related to one another to produce the required output energy, for example to control the heating tank.

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