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Function and Type Industrial Hoses

Hose is a tool that is used as a connection installation of water, oil, gas, etc. either at home or an industry. The development and application of science and technology, especially in the industrial world is progressing more rapidly. Equipment which created even more easier for all the work of humans. Technologically-large and small technology popping up where - where. The development is also in the assembling involves using Industrial Hoses. Have been created in the equipment industry where the operation using a hose to practicality and efficiency. Hose Industry has an important role in an industry. Each type of hose has its advantages and usefulness of each. Therefore, to determine the proper hose is used it would be better if you know the kinds of hose.

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Selang Composite
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Selang Nylon Tubing
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Selang Hidrolik Merek Metagomma Berkualitas
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Hose Metallic Maxxflex 300 Psi
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Fabrikasi Flexibel Hose Sus
Supplier : CV. Tegalrejo International Online Techno
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Selang Industri Polyuethane/Tube Pneumatic Pu1410
Supplier : Artatech Jaya Sempurna
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DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat