Selling the best price fuses from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy fuses with the latest prices that serve to protect the electricity network in the event of a short-circuit or short circuit to cut off power. Fuses are often used for electrical systems in the home electricity network, electronics and electrical systems for cars or engines. To determine which fuse you will use, usually before purchase you must first know the type of fuse house used, because each fuse must have the same specifications or shape in order to be installed.

3 Types of Electric Fuses

1. Glass Tube Fuses
Is a type of fuse in the form of a clear glass tube material in which there is an element in the form of a small plate or small wire as it can melt or cut off if a short circuit occurs, so that the electricity is cut off.

2. Blade Fuses
Is a flat-shaped fuse model with a cover made of acrylic and inside there is a small fiber that can also be interrupted when a short circuit occurs in an electrical network.

3. Fusible Link Fuses
It is a fuse model with two strip covers in which there is a small and fine metal plate that can melt or break also in the event of a short circuit. So automatically electricity cannot flow.

The Meaning of Fuse Color

1. Blue means 15 amperes
2. Orange means 5 amperes
3. Yellow means 20 amperes
4. Green means 30 amperes
5. Red means 10 amperes
6. The color purple or clear means 25 amperes

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