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Definition and Function of the Screw Chiller

A screw chiller is a cooling device that is generally used to cool large buildings, such as malls, factories, and office buildings. This tool uses a screw compressor as one of its components.

At a glance, the chiller function looks the same as AC. However, these two tools have different ways of working. The air conditioner can cool the air directly, while the chiller cools the air through a medium, usually water or air. For example, first the chiller will cool the water, then this cold water is used to cool the room. This tool is suitable for maintaining the temperature of a room with good air circulation.

Besides having different ways of working, air conditioners and chillers also have different cooling abilities. If the air conditioner can make the room feel cold, the chiller can only make the room feel cool. However, screw chillers have a greater cooling capacity. So, suitable for medium to medium sized rooms. Chiller also saves more electricity. Therefore, many building owners who prefer to use this type of cooler.

Chiller with screw compressor has a quite effective cooling ability. Its effectiveness is better than a chiller with a scroll compressor. Therefore, it never hurts for you to choose a screw chiller as a cooling device for your medium sized building.

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