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Air Filter

Air Filter

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Uses of Air Filters

The air filter is a part that functions as a filter for dirty air so that it does not enter the injection engine combustion chamber. So using an air filter for the engine can keep the engine combustion chamber clean.

If the air from outside is not filtered by the air filter, it can cause blockages in the injection and engine carburetor, so that the dirt will turn into dirt that sticks out. Vehicle engines or propulsion engines that do not have an air filter will easily break down due to the entry of dirt from outside that enters the combustion chamber without being filtered by the air filter. Likewise, if the dirty air filter is not cleaned regularly, the motorcycle can also break down.

Some quality air filters that you can use according to your needs such as sullair air filters, jimco air filters, orient tech air filters, ingersoll rand air filters, fleetguard air filters, atlas copco air filters, air air filters, kaeser air filters, and donaldson air filters.

However, currently air filters are available in various types and are used according to the type of engine. To provide knowledge about air filters, here are the types of air filters.

1. Foam Air Filter

Air filters made of foam are a type of air filter that is simple and easy to clean. However, if this type of air filter is thin and has holes in it, this type of filter must be replaced with a new one. Generally, the service life is around 12,000 – 15,000 kilometers.

2. Dry Paper Air Filter

This type of air filter is a type of air filter made from dry but thick paper. This type of filter is believed to be strong and not easily damaged. This type of air filter is also easy to clean and relatively inexpensive. generally the age of use is around 8000-10000 kilometers.

3. Wet Paper Air Filter

This type of air filter has almost the same shape as the dry paper type air filter. What distinguishes it is the wet type filter if you touch it there is lubricant attached. The lubricant serves to filter dirt that comes from outside.

How to clean this wet paper type air filter does not need to be wetted with water or gasoline, because it will only remove the lubricant. To clean it can be lightly beaten. Generally, the service life is around 15,000 kilometers.

4. Stainless Type Air Filter

Stainless air filters are filters that are priced more expensive than other types of filters. This is because the production cost of stainless filters is more expensive and is produced by aftermarket manufacturers.