Bird Nest

Bird Nest

A swallow's nest is a bird's nest made from swallow's saliva which has many benefits for health, medicine and beauty. If consumed, this bird's nest is cooked into soup and consumed directly. Bird's nest has a very high selling value both domestically and abroad. Because of its expensive selling price, many farmers or breeders both amateur, professional and modern are competing to try to raise these birds so they can harvest their nests. The quality of this bird's nest is assessed from various criteria, if people in Indonesia judge from a variety of forms such as bowls, strips, ovals and are classified using the terms grade A, grade B and others.

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Swallow Nest Type

Many people do not know what kinds of swallow's nests have many health benefits. For some new customers, certainly not really understand what the types or terms of mention for the various types. For those of you who have never known their types, here are some information on the types of bird's nests, because each species has a different value or price.

1. Originalest is the term swallow's nest that is still original without being processed first or in other words when taken from nature directly sold to consumers or factories.
  2. Rednest is a red swallow nest that is made by birds when laying eggs or certain seasons   
3. Triangle or corner-shaped nest is a nest attached to the corners of the wall or cliff that is home to many types of birds.

  4. A bowl is a nest that has a shape resembling a bowl that has been the target of many people both the swallow's nest hunters or the buyers because of their large size and high selling value.

5. Oval is a shape of a bird's nest that is like an oval shape because, during the period of its manufacture the bird can make a cage that is almost half a bowl but not perfect.

6. Strip is a form of nest that has a smaller size and shaped like a strip made by birds with only a little stick on the wall.

7. Broken or Broken is a nest that is irregularly shaped, so that the selling value is cheaper than those that have a whole shape. Usually this type is often sold at a price per kg or some are sold per mg.

Current Swallow Nest Price

Do you want to update the latest swallow's nest price? Let's always update because here is the center of swallow nest in Indonesia from various types of sellers such as farmers, ranchers, producers and exporters / exporters. You can immediately get info on the latest nest types and prices, and at the same time request what type of nest you need and buy. With a system of procurement of goods or purchases in large quantities, you will certainly get more profit. First of a large number, the automatic price is much cheaper than you buy ecer. In addition to price info from sellers, you can also always update price information as we have summarized this month, as follows:

Grade / Origin Price
Oval Birds Nest Grade A Oval 95gram origin from Kalimantan Rp. 2,300,000
Birds Nest Grade AAA Oval AAA 95gram origin from Kalimantan Rp. 2,600,000
AAAA Grade 95A Oval Birds Nest Premium origin from Kalimantan Rp. 2,700,000
Premium Edible Birds Nest Grade Big Broken 95gram origin from Kalimantan Rp. 1,900,000
Premium Edible Birds Nest Unproccesed 100gram origin from Kalimantan Rp. 1,600,000

* Price information above was updated on April 29, 2020.

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